Warframe announces 1M players in less than two weeks

The open beta free-to-play only went live around 14 days ago

The sci-fi co-op action game, Warframe, was released by developers Digital Extremes into Open Beta around two weeks ago and has already seen one million users sign-up.

Since October 2012, players have partcipated in the Closed Beta of the game before it went into its Open Beta phase on March 21.

Almost two weeks after this, an official press release posted on Blue's News says Digital Extremes have enlisted over one million registered players into Warframe.

The press release announces, "Between the impressive graphics, solid fine-tuned gameplay and regular content and feature updates, Warframe has more than exceeded fan and team expectations to date."

The AAA free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter allows palyers to become a member of the ancient warrior race the Tenno, where players work with up to four players to complete randomnly generated missions.

Players use 'Warframes' which are different exo-armor for specific attack traits or skills.

Upon release, Steve Sinclair chief creative director on Warframe announced on the company's site that, "Free-to-Play has reached a level of acknowledgement within the gaming community that now demands higher level production values and in-depth gaming experiences. We're delivering that with Warframe and if the success of the Closed Beta is any indication, it's well on its way to pushing the Free-to-Play frontier into the next generation."

The space-ninja action game is currently available on PC and Steam, users can sign up for the beta on the game's official website.

Source: Blue's News

Image: Warframe