Wacom launches 13-inch Cintiq HD interactive pen display

Fastest on the draw

Wacom has revealed its latest drawing tablet in the form of the Cintiq 13HD – the first pen controlled slate to offer a Full HD resolution

If you haven’t heard of Wacom, it’s possibly because you’re not an illustrator. The company has been producing pen-based tablets and styluses since 1983 and is the go-to brand of choice for hardcore, pen-wielding designers.

The company has announced the latest addition to its Cintiq range of stylus-enabled displays which is the first to offer a 1080p scribble surface. The display can be positioned at four different angles – flat, 22°, 35° and 50°, to make it comfortable for long periods of drawing.

“We’ve gained valuable customer feedback in developing our latest Cintiq which will support professionals and help them spur creativity on the 13” high resolution screen,” said Guido Moller, product manager of creative products at Wacom Europe.

The Cintiq 13HD comes complete with the Pro Pen – a battery free, wireless stylus that can record up to 2,048 different levels of pressure.

“As with our entire Cintiq range, the new Cintiq 13HD provides a completely immersive and ergonomic pen-on-screen experience that adapts seamlessly to all working environments and practices,” Moller said.

The Cintiq will be arriving on shelves in the UK from April 2013 and will set you back £750.