VTech InnoPad brings tablet learning to kids

Tyke tablet that's resistant to tantrums and dribble

Super-budget kids tablet coming this Autumn.

Ok, it's unlikely to draw much boardroom envy when stood next to the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but if ever a sign were needed that the tablet has hit the mainstream, it's a tablet that's aimed exclusively at the nippers.

The VTech InnoPad is aimed at tykes between the ages of four and nine, which explains the hardy-looking plastic shell around the screen, and comes with a five-inch colour touchscreen, an SD card slot, a USB port, accelerometer and headphone jack for listening to the inbuilt MP3 player.

The tablet takes content from removeable cartridges and via the USB connection, and will boast a slew of interactive, learning-based games. It's set to ship in the States this Autumn for the pocket money-low price of $79.99. And to think we were happy with our Hot Wheels and toy trains.

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