Vomiting robot helps research Norovirus

British scientists build puking robot to help research of Norovirus

British scientists have created a vomiting robot to help with the research of the spread of the notorious Norovirus

Proving, perhaps, that Britain as a nation is prepared to tread fearlessely in the name of science, is the news that a team at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Derbyshire have created a vomiting robot to help research the Norovirus.

Named, Vomiting Larry" by its creator, researcher Catherine Makison, the puking robot has been designed as an anatomically correct model of the digestive tract of a human being. Larry was built in order to help scientists study how the Norovirus can spread through reguritated fecal matter.

To that end, scientists have been observing how far splashes of vomit can fly by having Larry regurgitate liquid. The substance he spews out of his mouth contains 'fluorescent marker' so that even the smallest drops can be noted. So far Larry has managed to projectile vomit over a distance of nearly 10ft.

"Norovirus is one of the most infectious viruses of man," said Ian Goodfellow, a professor of virology at the department of pathology at Cambridge University of Cambridge."It takes fewer than 20 virus particles to infect someone. So each droplet of vomit or gram of feces from an infected person can contain enough virus to infect more than 100,000 people."