Vodafone to offer cut-priced iPhone 4 on PAYG in UK

Free data to sweeten the PAYG deal for Apple handset

PAYG iPhone 4 to get free monthly data from Vodafone

UK mobile network provider Vodafone has revealed that it is to offer the recently released Apple iPhone 4 smartphone on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Despite offering the latest iPhone handset at a marginally reduced price to tempt users into it Vodafone locked devices, it is unlikely that the £480, £19 saving 16GB or £570, £29 saving 32GB handsets will get potential customers to give up the SIM free offers at Apple.

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What might tempt wannabe iPhone 4 owners over the red side, however, is the offer of 12 months free data to anyone that buys a Vodafone locked iPhone 4 on PAYG. The offer that runs until November this year will see those taking up the offer secure themselves 250MB of 3G data a month along with an additional 1GB a month of free data across BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.

This deal gets all the more rosy follow Vodafone’s confirmation that there are no minimum top-up requirements for the free data offer with users in fact not requiring a single penny of credit to make use of the complimentary allowances.

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