Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S in bloatware row

Vodafone takes hit for installing own apps in update

Vodafone's latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S is causing a stir.

Vodafone has recently provided another update for the Samsung Galaxy S, an update which many believed would contain Android 2.2 (FroYo). Unfortunately not only did it provide nothing of the sort, but also brought with it an array of Vodafone branded apps and features which many have now spoken out against.

Probably the easiest way to find those reactions is on Vodafone's own forum, where previously there had been a huge argument after Vodafone did the same with an update to the HTC Desire.

Vodafone responded on the forum saying: "Unfortunately the Vodafone update that you have received cannot be removed. However I understand how you feel about this and will feed this back to the powers that be just as we did with the feedback we received with the HTC Desire update."

This is after customers began complaining about the effects the update was having on their Galaxy S, such as increased call-dropping, permanent apps that were taking up space and a start-up screen that was slow and juddery.

'DaveRow' commented saying 'I want the standard and smooth Samsung startup screen and not the horribly jerky and amateurish Vodafone one. I also don't want the horrible Vodafone bloatware that has been applied to my phone.'

Another user 'dnair001' was keen to highlight Vodafone's resolution of the HTC Desire issue saying 'If they can arrange for these unwanted items to be removed from the HTC Desire then they can arrange for these to be removed from the Galaxy S.'

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