Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R201 Mi-Fi router launched

Portable, baggable Wi-Fi device to tackle Three Mobile's Mi-Fi

But with Wi-Fi hotspotting on Android 2.2, is it too late?

Three’s Mi-Fi mobile wireless router is currently collecting votes in the T3 Gadget Awards shortlist, and it's collected a spate of other gongs this year for bringing simple, cheap and portable internet to the masses. Not wanting to miss out of the acclaim, Vodafone has just elbowed its way into the market with the R201 Mobile Wi-Fi hub.

Stick it in your bag, and Voda’s little white hub will wirelessly connect up to five separate devices (that’ll be your personal smartphone, work phone, netbook, iPad and e-book reader) to the internet over Vodafone’s service.

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The hub is available free on an 18 month contract, which’ll gift you 5GB of data usage for £25 per month. There’s undoubtedly a market for these devices, but with Android 2.2 not offering free wireless hot-spotting, are they strictly necessary?

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Link: Vodafone