Virgin Media steps up fight with rival ISPs

New website challenges competitors on dodgy advertising aiming to make broadband ads fairer. But is Virgin really better than the rest?

Virgin Media has this morning upped its war of words with rival ISPs, unveiling a brand new website that aims to show punters just what their average broadband speed is compared to those advertised. also lets web users add their name to an online petition calling for greater transparency in broadband advertising. Virgin claims the site will help everyday users be heard by the Advertising Standards Agency, which is investigating broadband advertising following a string if spurious claims in recent months. The site’s launch follows an Ofcom report which said there was a growing gap between “up to” speeds and what web fanatics were actually getting.

Research commissioned by Virgin claims that nine out of ten people find broadband commercials confusing, and Branson’s ISP is talking up the fact that it already touts a ‘speed honesty’ area on its site, showing just how fast its services really are.

Is Virgin right to highlight the problem? Or does its broadband suffer from the same issues that are plaguing its rivals? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.