Virgin Media offer new 500GB TiVo

New box is half the size and price of bigger brother

TiVo on diet released to tempt existing customers

Virgin Media has begun to offer a 500GB TiVo box to existing customers of it's TV service.

Up until now, the highly acclaimed TiVo box has only been available with a monster 1TB hard drive and an equally hefty upgrade price of £149.95. The smaller 500GB box however will be offered at a rather more tempting price of £49.95 plus installation, whilst still packing a punch with the ability to store around 500 hours of standard TV or up to 100 hours of HD TV.

As of this week, existing customers will be able to get their hands on the new lightweight TV recorder, but will have to dig a bit deeper in their pockets for the privilege. XL TV customers can get the TiVo offering for an additional £3 per month whilst M+ and L TV customers will have to fork out an additional £8 per month.

Unfortunately, the new slimmed down TiVo is not available to new customers...yet. But Virgin has promised to make the 500GB wallet friendly box available to everyone this summer.

Virgin TiVo came in at 39 on T3's Hot 100 list. You can read the review of the 1TB box here.

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Via: Techradar