Virgin Galactic to take space travellers within months

Branson: London to Australia flights to take 2 hours

Virgin Galactic to lead into supersonic flights

Virgin founder an entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has announced manned Virgin Galactic space flights are just a few months away as he targets the return of supersonic flights.


Richard Branson on Virgin Galactic

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Speaking exclusively with T3 the billionaire airline owner and former record label head declared that although Virgin Galactic is on the brink of manned space tourism, the company has bigger plans routed in supersonic transcontinental travel.

On the next step in the Virgin Galactic programme, Branson stated: “I think that Virgin Galactic, our spaceship company, will initially be sending people into space and we're not that many months away from that happening.” On the company’s future plans he said: “Our engineers are also very keen to see if they can create transcontinental travel using similar technology that send people from London to Australia in a fraction of the time that it currently takes to go there, maybe two and a half hours, two hours.” He jokingly added: “Depending how much time it takes to get through the airport etc.”

Detailing how this rapid travel would work the fear-loving adventurer explained: “When I talk about intercontinental travel it is possible that you'll travel into space on the way to Australia and pop back down again. You can become an astronaut on your way to Australia. It is the most exciting thing Virgin has yet done.”

“Hopefully in my lifetime, but definitely your lifetime we can board a Virgin inter-continental plane or rocket and travel very fast around the world. Our first challenge is to get people into space for a fraction of the price that it costs to date but after that we'd love to do intercontinental travel.”

Getting off the rigours of business, Sir Richard Branson, a man famed as much for his ballooning exploits and adventurous stunts as much as his global brands, spoke openly on where his desire to forward travel possibilities and reach new heights came from. “One of my most recurring dreams is to flap my arms and go flying. Peter Pan is my favourite fictional figure and I was absolutely sure that I would be able to head off to Oxford by jumping in some kind of contraption or strap something on my back. I'm surprised it hasn't happened. Again, I'm sure that somebody will have a breakthrough in the next decade or so and we'll be able to fly safely. It'll be a great thing to be able to do.”

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