Virgin 100Mbps broadband now in 6.5m homes

Company running 1.5Gbps trials in East London

With the UK slowly climbing the tables in internet speeds the public is finally seeing the results

Virgin has announced that it's fibre-optic 100Mbps broadband could now be accessed by nearly 6.5 million people in Britain, offering a drastically increased speed to that of just a year ago.

Aimed at being the equivalent of BT's own fibre-optic to the home service, the 100Mbps option is now available to more than a quarter of British homes meaning more of us will be able to stream films, download games and use the internet faster than before.

This is just the start for Virgin who are apparently already running 200Mbps trials across the country and are in fact testing 1.5Gbps in East London. While there is no info on when we might be seeing these speeds, it's reassuring to know that the company is at least looking forward.

Aimed at customers who are willing to pay a premium, the 100Mbps service offers HD streaming, smooth gaming and excellent upload speeds, and with Virgin aiming to hit 13 million homes before the middle of next year, it's also growing fast.

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