Virgin 100 Mbps broadband live now

Four towns get first taste of super-fast web

£45 a month for Britain's speediest internet service.

The good people of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire might not realise it on this freezing cold morning, but they’re at the forefront of the digital revolution today, as they became one of four towns across the UK to get Virgin’s 100Mbps broadband first.

The new package, unveiled last month, touts lightning fast 100Mbps download speeds, along with 10Mbps upload and a spanking new N standard router too. Virgin even says it has the potential to speed up to a blistering 400Mbps in the future.

Colchester, Barry in South Wales and Farnborough are the other towns feeling the Virgin Media love. However, punters who want to get involved in the four places where it’s available will have to pay £45 a month for the privilege. This drops to £35 when bought with a phone line.

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