Resident Evil 6 trailer released with November 2012 arrival

Trailer shows off gameplay and plot...sort of

Resident Evil 6 has become official and in honour of being as such has received a rather hefty gameplay trailer for us to feast our eyes and ears on

Resident Evil 6 is now official with a release trailer showing off not only some of the incredibly complex-looking plot but also some of the gameplay.

It comes after a new website titled popped up on the net about a week ago, accompanied by a mysterious Chinese-language video and several strange images.

The site has been updated over the last few days with photos depicting graffiti scrawled on decaying walls and billboards. Most of the scribbles read “No hope left” and many of the photographs also feature the biohazard symbol associated with the Resident Evil franchise. Two of the pictures are confirmed to have been shot in Johannesburg.

The trailer appears to show a new outbreak in a new city, similar to that of Racoon City in which a group of individuals, all with different specialities will take on around 70,000 zombies.

While it looks as though there will be plenty of shooting the trailer also appears to demonstrate a more physical aspect of the game which includes beating merry hell out of the undead with some rather nifty footwork.

Resident Evil 6 is out 20 November 2012 and will be available on all major consoles however there's no word on whether a PC version will be available.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think, is this shaping up to be the best Resident Evil yet or is it just business as usual?