Video shows Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration

Minute-long teaser from Microsoft peaks interest

Microsoft flirt with Windows Phone 7 Kinect control.

Remember those videos from before Kinect came out of those beautiful, incongruously happy people grinning like loons and high-fiving each other as they bounced virtual balls around their TV screens and giggled to each other at the magic of it all? Well, Microsoft are sticking to that PR formula for their latest bit of Kinect-based wizardry, this time showing what appears to be one hapless male Kinect player trying to fight off overwhelming number of bouncy balls being directed at him by two friends.

Same old, same old, you might think. But the novelty is that the friends in question are controlling the flow of balls using nowt but their Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Gimmick or the first step in a smartphone/gaming merger? Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think via e-mail or on the T3 Twitter feed.