Viber announces desktop app

iOS and Android apps also get major overhaul plus new features, including voice messaging

Viber has announced a desktop version of its popular messaging app, as well as updated apps for iOS and Android.

Viber Media, the company behind the messaging service, said that the update is biggest since it launched in 2010.

The new desktop service is available on PC and Mac. The company has said that it is working on a version for Linux, but it did not give an estimated release date.

The desktop app – which is released today – will pack in most of the features the mobile apps offer. That includes video calling.

The iOS and Android apps are also seeing a major update. Among the new services being added are support for video messages, a new voice engine that Viber claims will improve voice conversations, and the ability to check contacts online status.

It is also getting a major overhaul in the looks department.

The latest update also brings the ability to start a call on the desktop app, and carry it on through the mobile device without having to end the call.

The company recently announced that it had hit the 200 million user mark.

Viber was named one of our top mobile communication apps. It also received five stars in our review of Viber.