Vertu Constellation to launch with outdated Symbian OS

Premium smartphone's OS is so last season, dahling

Calling all oligarchs, robber barons and billionaire businessmen: Vertu's latest super showy mobile, the Constellation, is on the horizon. But will it launch with Nokia's soon-for-the-chop Symbian operating system?

We heard a couple of weeks back that the Constellation was on its way from luxe mobile pedlars Vertu, and noted then that the company's previous super-pricey handsets weren't exactly the cutting edge, tech-wise. The Constellation, for instance, is the first Vertu phone ever to come with a touchscreen; a bit like a fashion brand of fifty years only just discovering cotton.

But things looked up with the Vertu Constellation, which as well as boasting the usual premium shell (leather and gold, since you ask), is also said to have the tech readies to match. Under the hood, there's a 1GHz processor, an 8MP camera, 32GB of storage and a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen. However, all of that might be for nought if Vertu - which is owned by Nokia - burden it with yesterday's Symbian OS - widely expected to be killed off by Nokia in the very near future.

Why Vertu have gone with Symbian over Nokia's new OS of choice - the markedly more user-friendly Windows Phone 7.5 - remains a mystery. As does who will be forking over the rumoured $10,000 for a smartphone in the first place.