Velocity Cruz 7-inch Android tablet unveiled (with video)

Hands-on look at the next Android iPad-rival contender

But hang on... is that a resistive touchscreen?

Right then, is this the Android-powered iPad rival we’ve been waiting for? Maybe, if you don’t need your tablets to be real powerhouses. The Velocity Micro Cruz is a 7-inch tablet running the Android platform (including the app Market and Google loving that comes with it), and has just landed in the States for a paltry $300 (£195).

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That’s obviously a lot cheaper the £420 iPad, but Apple’s tablet does have a huge amount of developer-generated content on its side, which is obviously what tablets thrive on. The other downside is that the Cruz appears to be sporting a resistive touchscreen, which is by far the more outdated of the two touchscreen techs available today.

That said, there is a 7-hour battery life, DS-card extendable memory (there’s 4GB built in and an 8GB card in the box), built in Wi-Fi and a USB-port. Not bad for just shy of 200 quid. …and it’ll let you look at Flash-powered websites.

See the video below for a full run through of the Cruz tablet’s abilities:

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