Valve shows off final Steam Controller design

Here's what the Steam Controller will look like....again

Valve's Steam Controller is one of the most interesting aspects of its new direction but it's been in beta for some time, the final version however is now ready

Valve has finally revealed the final design for its Steam Controller. The new design loses the touchscreen as well as the four centre buttons in favour of a more traditional console setup echoing the PS4 and Xbox One controller designs.

The new Steam Controller image was tweeted by @TheIneQuation a freelance games programmer at Valve's Steam Dev Days Developer Conference and shows what looks to be a much simpler iteration of the original Steam Controller which was shown off to the public alongside Valve's own Steam Machine.

The new Steam Controller will still feature the same haptic feedback touchpads which have replaced the analogue sticks seen on next-gen gamepads however the company has opted for a more traditional D-Pad and ABXY configuration below.

Unsurprisingly Valve was keen to remind press at each point that the original controller (seen below) was just a beta, a statement which has clearly been reaffirmed by this new design seen on the final model.

In our Steam Controller review we found that whilst the beta version was good to hold the build quality did leave something to be desired, presumably an issue that Valve will be keen to correct when the final model is shipped alongside Steam Boxes.