US Judge dismisses Apple patent claim against Motorola

More courtroom antics

Apple has been dealt another blow in its legal battles as a judge in the US has dismissed a case about excessive payments stemming from Motorola patents

Cupertino claims that Motorola’s demand for 2.25% from every device sold, which uses the patents, is too high and it will pay no more than $1, which is about 60p.

Motorola is meant to offer the patents out under fair licensing terms because they are classed as being industry essential.

The handset manufacturer, which was bought by Google earlier this year for $12.5 billion, says it's willing to negotiate and has affirmed it is interested in coming to an agreement which will suit both companies.

District Judge Barbara Crabb, who oversaw the case in Wisconsin, stated she did not have legal authority to make the claims. Apple already has court dates set for 2013 in other regions to try and push through their claims.

But what would it mean for users if the price was pushed down? In simple terms it could lead to higher priced Android handsets, as Google will be receiving less money for its patents. However Motorola and Google may have gained the upper hand after this recent success.

It seems that there is still no end in sight to the seemingly endless patent battle between Apple and its competitors.