Unknown Motorola handset spotted in cyberspace

Mystery blower appears in snaps and hands-on video

An unknown Motorola handset has appeared in both photos and a video hosted on a Vietnamese website

Motorola has already hinted that it had something in the works, but now a photo and video of a supposedly new handset has turned up online.

Vietnamese site Tin.te has published what appears to be a hands-on video of a previously unseen Motorola Mobility handset. Dug up by tech site The Verge, the new handset doesn't have the previous Kevlar-backed apperance of Moto's recent handsets.

The phone in the video doesn't have a removable back panel and has a sleek, almost Nexus 4 look - helped by the stock Android appearance of the operating system.

This could be the first evidence of Google's influence since it acquired Motorola Mobility last year.

Although the company is rumoured to be building a new flagship phone, we don't reckon this is it. The look of this handset is more of a mid-level device that would play to budget-conscious customers.

We're excited to see any new device from Motorola, but given the recent impressions made by the HTC One and, of course, the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, the Google-owned giant will need to bring something special to the party.

Sources: The Verge, Tinh.te