Uncensored Playboy app to launch for iPad in March

Apple to permit flesh in the world's most famous jazz mag?

Playboy to bare all with Apple's blessing?

Is the most prudish tech company on the planet about to expose the world's most famous 'rhythm pamphlet' in all its glory? According to Hugh Hefner, Playboy magazine will be appearing uncensored on the App Store when March rolls around.

Playboy HD, the digital version of the magazine, launched on the iPad back in August with no nudity, just tactically placed clothing, cropping and those highly-acclaimed feature articles that have always provided a good cover for readers.

But now, something has changed. According to Hefner's latest tweets, you'll be able to download the full, uncensored edition of Playboy magazine within the next couple of months. He tweeted: "Playboy - both old and new - will be available on iPad in March," before adding "Playboy will be uncensored."

It would be a surprising development. Apple has planted a giant flag atop of the moral high ground with Steve Jobs declaring war on porn in a bit to rid it from his devices. Hefner, however, doesn't consider Playboy to be porn, just 'erotica' so maybe they've been able to come to some sort of compromise?

Is Apple relaxing its stance on nudity? Can we expect some of the more risque apps to be given clearance on the App Store?

Link: Playboy (via TechRadar)