Unannounced game titles leak at E3

Two game of the year sequels out of the bag

Two unnanounced Game of the Year sequels are spotted at the EA E3 booth.

By now, gaming fans have pored over the trailers that have been going up on the E3 expo site over the last couple of days, but several particularly eagle-eyed gamers spotted that the E3 floorplan - which shows the layout of all the developers' booths at the expo - also listed a couple of titles that the devs had been keeping close to their chests.


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So, what can we expect to see demo'd at E3, if this floorplan is to be believed? Well aside from a handful of lesser known titles, we can look forward to a sequel to multiple "best game of the year" winner Dragon Age: Origins, as well as the third installment in the space RPG Mass Effect series - both developed by Electronic Arts. Also making unscheduled appearances will be beat-em-up Dead or Alive 5, from Tecmo, and Square Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The floorplan has since been revised to exclude the four titles, but if you feel like doing some pre-E3 game fishing of your own, the interactive E3 floorplan can still be found here.

Via: The Escapist