Ultrabook growth to triple that of tablets

Expert: 178 million in 2016

While at the moment considered a luxury item, the Ultrabook market could soon be seeing a colossal expansion, or at least that's according to analysts

Ultrabook growth has been forecasted to considerably outshadow that of the tablet market, exceeding the likes of the Apple iPad 2 and the new Motorola Xoom 2.

According to the new Ultrabook whitepaper released today by Juniper Research the current trend of Ultrabooks being considered a luxury item may soon be over.

If the forecasts are correct that could mean nearly 178 million Ultrabooks shipped in 2016, or course while its growth will be higher, it still won't exceed the actual sales of tablets with 253 million predicted for tablets in 2016.

That said, Daniel Ashdown, lead author of the paper has announced that while the growth will be rapid, manufacturers still face some key obstacles to overcome first.

"While Intel's control of the brand ensures that Ultrabooks stand out from traditional notebooks, vendors face a balancing act in terms of product strategy."

"Meeting Intel's specification secures brand status and funding, but the step-change from notebooks means many of today's Ultrabooks are too expensive for many consumers."

So is 2012 to be the year the Ultrabook kicks off? Intel is certainly hoping so, and with the likes of the HP Envy Spectre around it's definitely heading that way. What do you think? Let us know via the comments box below...