UK's slowest broadband towns revealed

New study reveals slowest connection speed in country

Slowest broadband spots discovered in the South East.

The results are in and it's bad news for the people of Cranbrook in Kent. In a recent study by price comparison site uSwitch, the 7000-resident town took the dubious honour of having the slowest broadband speeds in the country, trudging into last place with a measly 1.32 Mbps download speed.

Cranbrook wasn't alone in its failings, as between them the counties of Kent and Sussex are home to six of the country's 20 worst broadband speeds: Cranbrook, Ashford and Dover in Kent, Hastings Lavant and Pullborough in Sussex. Each of these towns' residents chug through the web at below 2 Mbps, while the UK average is around 7.5.

These findings come around a week after the UK government announced its plans to roll out improved broadband to rural areas in the coming months, with a whopping £362 million being spent on bringing the countryside up to speed.

However, an average connection speed of 7.5 Mbps makes the UK one of the slowest internet connections in Western Europe, behind France with 18 Mbps, Finland with 22 Mbps, and directly on par with Poland. Outside of Europe, South Korea takes second place in world internet speeds with 46 Mbps, while Japan, unsurprisingly, leads the world with an average download speed of 61 Mbps - eight-and-a-half times as quick as here in Blighty.

Via: uSwitch