UK ranked 25th for internet speeds

Netherlands ranked fastest in Europe while South Korea is world beater

Each year Akami carries out tests all over the world for internet speeds and gives a list of the top performers, this quarter sees the UK still lagging behind the rest of Europe

The UK has been ranked 25th in the world rankings of broadband speeds with a national average of just 5Mbps, in Europe the UK is then ranked 15th out of 22 countries.

The 'State of the internet' report which is published by Akami quarterly, South Korea has the fastest average broadband speeds in the world reaching an average of 13.3Mbps while the Netherlands is the fastest country in Europe with an average of 8.5Mbps, making it fourth in the world.

These stats are a stark reminder of just how unbalanced internet speeds can be in the UK with cities getting significantly higher averages than found in more rural parts of Britain. This was perfectly highlighted when mobile-network Three offered to provide free 3G dongles to a community in rural England after it was revealed just how slow their internet speeds were.

Looking back at the world scene the countries at the top of the list have what is known as 'Higher broadband', in fact out of the 22 countries listed under Europe, 10 are in that category, sadly the UK isn't one of those.

With recent announcements that Virgin and other service providers are working on increasing broadband speeds does this mean these stats will begin to change? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: PC Advisor, Akami