UK internet speeds still vary wildly according to report

Fastest street in UK is 500 times faster than slowest street

UK internet speeds still vary wildly according to uSwitch with the fastest street in Telford recording download speeds of 70Mbps while a road in Stamford achieves just 0.13Mpbs

A new study by uSwitch has highlighted Britain's fastest street for internet with Willowfield in Telford recording a blistering 70.9Mbps. What the study also revealed however was that the UK's slowest street was 500 times slower crawling at an almost unusable 0.13Mbps.

Nearly 2.3 million speed tests were carried out by uSwitch across the UK to compile the list of streets which have either the top 10 fastest or lowest broadband speeds highlighting a huge distance between the two.

Julia Stent, a broadband expert at uSwitch expressed concerns about how some areas are still being left behind saying, "Rural parts of Britain in particular are still experiencing broadband speeds so slow that they might as well have no broadband at all."

"It’s concerning that the main aim isn’t providing a decent broadband service to those areas still lacking basic broadband infrastructure and bringing acceptable average speeds to those in rural areas who have been forever languishing in the slow lane."

These comments will no doubt be a blow to the government who is still planning to rival the likes of South Korea by offering superfast broadband to 90 per cent of the population.

Stent believes the main cause for concern is local funding where the government gives funds to councils and then lets them decide saying, "Part of the problem is that Government funding for super-fast broadband is being dished out to councils, who don't necessarily have a full view of the big picture."

One possible solution which has been suggested is to offer wireless broadband to rural communities using 4G technology. By using the same networks companies can then offer homes a substantial hike in their internet speeds but using 4G rather than fibre optic cables.