UK Government publishes report on Defence and Cyber Security

Defence committee urges aggressive action on cyber security of UK Government

A report by the Defence Committee says the UK Government should tighten its cyber security methods

A report, which was put together by Defence Committee MPs, says that the UK Government needs to take vigorous action in its approach to cyber security.

The report comes after the committee found evidence which suggested that a sustained cyber-attack on UK communication technology would “fatally compromise” the Armed Forces’ ability to operate.

The chair of the defence committee, Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, has asked the government to give details of their contingency plans if such an attack was to happen, saying “If it has none, it should say so- and urgently create some”.

“The opportunity created by cyber tools and techniques to enhance the military capabilities of our Armed Forces is clear. We want to see the MoD explore this thoroughly,” he added.