UK gamers want subsidised console contracts study finds

New survey shows 61 per cent of UK gamers are in favour of subsidised games consoles

A new study by Gaming retailer has found that the majority of UK gamers would want subsidised games consoles if available

Following the recent US introduction of a contract subsidised Xbox 360, a new study has found 61 per cent of UK gamers would be ‘in favour’ of contract-based console deals in the UK.

With US gaming fans now able to snap up a new Microsoft Xbox 360 for just $99 plus a two year monthly fee to gain Xbox Live access, a study by online game retailer has found that the majority of UK gamers would embrace the idea of smartphone-esque subsidised contracts for their next game console purchases.

Of the 1,023 gamers question, a hearty 61 per cent said they would be in favour of similar deals being introduced through UK retailers with 65 per cent of these stating they would actively opt for a subsidised model to purchase if available.

“The consoles via subscription currently being trialled by Microsoft have certainly got people talking, more than anything, giving gaming fans a glimpse of what could be the future of gaming in the UK,” said Simon Kilby, Founder of “With this study, we really wanted to look into how UK gamers felt about the news, and it seems that overall the feeling is very much positive.”

He added: “To see that so many would look to take out a console on contract really suggests that, should they come to UK shores, their introduction may well prove to be popular. Despite the contracts making consoles more expensive in the long run, I think that many are just looking for a more affordable upfront way of purchasing a new console; something that this system would offer.

“The system has long been the same for mobile phones, so I think it could only be a matter of time before gaming fans in the UK have the option to grab consoles on contract too.”

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