UK Apple iPhones hit with monster roaming charges

Glitch causes roaming bills of hundreds of pounds

It's all in a day's work down at Apple HQ.

Apple iPhone users looking to save themselves some cash by turning off data roaming while abroad have been coming home to some pretty nasty-looking phone bills, according to reports from It seems that even without data roaming turned on (which allows users mobile access to the web and e-mail), many iPhones continue to connect to the web, and the bill for the error gets footed by the customer - at full international rates.

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The problem seems to affect iPhones on all networks, although most of the reported cases have been from O2 customers (who make up the large proportion of iPhone users in the UK).

O2 have acknowledged that there is a problem, and have said that they are taking this problem up with Apple. The company has reportedly been giving out refunds to customers who have fallen foul of the roaming problem, although with reports of similar problems coming in from customers of different networks, chalk this up to yet another glitch somewhere in the Apple camp.