EA's Sebastian Enrique talks UEFA EURO 2012

Enrique talks about building a separate game on top of FIFA 12

EA doesn't like to call it an experiment, but in essence UEFA EURO 2012 is a stand-alone title that's using FIFA 12 by being a downloadable DLC

Sebastian Enrique, one of the Lead Producer's for EA's upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 title has admitted that making what is essentially a DLC for FIFA 12 a stand-alone title was 'challenging'

This is the first time EA has attempted to create essentially a separate game through DLC with UEFA EURO 2012 being available to download as an 'expansion' of FIFA 12, of course with new territory comes trepidation.

"It’s really important for us because it is our first DLC of this size that we are doing for FIFA 12 so we don’t know how well it’s going to do. And depending on how it does is going to shape some decisions in the future."

When asked about the challenges they faced as a team Enrique has no hesitation in highlighting two key areas, one being a problem which affects all DLC content while the other is more sport based.

"The biggest challenge, no doubt is that we’re not breaking the base game, we are building something like this on a game that is as important and is as big as FIFA. That means the testing that we needed to carry out to insure we weren't breaking the base game is amazing."

"The second one I will say is all the licensing. As you might know, or not, so the stadiums were, I think the last stadium was finished back in January, so we were building the stadiums almost without reference for some of them, so it was really challenging for the art people to make the stadiums as accurate as possible."

Despite these obstacles Enrique is positive that the gamble has paid off with UEFA EURO 2012 looking and feeling like a stand-alone game while also being able to benefit FIFA 12 through shared XP and other rewards.