UCL All Time Stats football app for iPhone outed

Champions League encyclopedia in your pocket

The most comprehensive footy stats app there's ever been.

A football trivia buff's wet dream of an app has been launched for the Apple iPhone, with the UCL All Time Stats app serving up an encyclopedia of information on the UEFA Champions League

The unofficial app, brings a wealth of data from all 19 seasons since the European Cup became the Champions League, including 3,000 matches,14,000 goals, 2,400 and a total of 40,000 pages of data within the £2.99 app.

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If you're one of the lucky top 4 Premier League finishers you'll be able to track your club's progress live throughout the campaign. If you're a Spurs fan, you'll want to train your eyes to the goals against column.

Other handy bits of info include head-to-head club comparisons, goalscorers in consecutive games, an all-time UCL league table, yellow cards, red cards and even referee reports. We've never seen a more comprehensive footy app.

The UCL All Time Stats app for iPhone was created by Apps4Stats which brings 20 years of experience collecting footy stats to the table. Definitely worth a download.

Link: App Store