Ubuntu tablet OS takes on Android and iOS

Split-screen multi-tasking and the ability to run mobile and tablet apps

Ahead of their appearance at MWV Ubuntu has unveiled its OS for tablet as the Linux-based operating system looks to take on both Android and iOS in the features department

Canonical has just unveiled Ubuntu for tablet showing off some new features which the company hopes will trump both Android and Apple's iOS.

Featuring split-screen multi-tasking along with a new live notifications bar Ubuntu has been designed to run on budget smartphones right up to high-end devices.

With the mobile version of Ubuntu being shown on a Galaxy Nexus device, Ubuntu have chosen the impressive Google Nexus 10 as their device of choice to show off the new tablet OS.

Featuring off-screen gestures similar to those found in BlackBerry 10 the Linux-based OS features a lockscreen which shows a visual representation of all your notifications, as well as actually telling you.

From there you can swipe into the apps screen or open up the quick menu letting you select an app without lifting your finger. From the right there's a tablet-specific notifications bar which shows you everything from tweets to emails.

Canonical recently gave Ubuntu a complete design overhaul with the new focus on creating a simple OS which would run on anything from low-end PCs to premium smartphones with the intention to create an OS that can run on any device, echoing in many ways the ethos of Microsoft's Windows 8 platform.

Canonical will be showing off both Ubuntu on smartphone and on tablet at MWC 2013 no doubt with the hope of bringing even more app developers on board.