Twitter users warned of onMouseOver hackers

Micro-blogging site targeted by Javascript hackers

Warning all users of micro-blogging site Twitter

Micro-blogging site Twitter has seen a security flaw in its system exploited as hackers enable third-party websites to open within user's browsers just by hovering or passing their computer’s mouse over a link.

The security flaw, which uses a chunk of Javascript coding known as ‘onMouseOver’ allows you to be redirected to other sites without having to click a contaminated link. High profile victims of this crafty hack so far have included the former Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown whose Twitter feed was targeted to link directly to a Japanese porn site.

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Despite claiming that the flaw is “innocuous”, security firm Sophos has recommended that, until the Javascrip code has been blocked by the social networking site, all users use a third-party client to access Twitter.

Twitter users are also advised not to click any onMouseOver links or links that contain blocks of colour. A full safety warning video, which can be seen below, has been created by Sophos to target these points are potential harm.