Twitter releases photo filters feature

Twitter hits back at Instagram with photo enhancing filter service

Twitter has responded to Instagram turning off its photo-card functionality for the micro-blogging website by unveiling a photo filters feature

Twitter has unveiled its own photo filters as part of a new update for the latest versions of iOS and Android. The micro-blogging site announced the arrival of the new feature, which allows users to edit and refine their images via Twitter, on its offical blog.

The feature offers a total of eight filters to pick from: vignette, black and white, warm, cool, vintage, cinematic, happy, and gritty. Users simply upload their image to Twitter as normal and then can crop it and select a filter of their choosing. The image then appears in their twitterfeed.

"Every day, millions of people come to Twitter to connect with the things they care about and find out what’s happening around the world," a statement on Twitter's official blog read. "As one of the most compelling forms of self-expression, photos have long been an important part of these experiences."

The move can be seen as Twitter's response to Instagram's ceasing of any support for Photo-Cards on the micro-blogging website at the weekend. Twitter had hinted last week that it had been working on its own image-editing feature. It seems that the move by Instagram has prompted Twitter to move on this earlier than expected.