Twitter buys TweetDeck in multi-million pound deal

Twitter purchases third-party app for around £25million

The microblogging site seizes another third-party app

According to sources close to the deal, Twitter has purchased TweetDeck, an application for the microblogging site, in a deal believed to be worth $40million.

The deal is set to extinguish the battle being fought by UberMedia and Twitter, which saw the latter attempt to purchase TweetDeck.

Twitter attempted to outbid UberMedia’s bid of $30million, with a conclusion in the clash likely to be confirmed later today.

There has be no word from the two companies involved with Twitter offering a philosophical approach tweeting: “For all those who might be curious, we continue to not comment on rumours”.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has picked up a third-party app. Last year it bought the iPhone app Tweetie, and along with the photo add-on TwitPic.

Link: CNET