TwitPic temporarily blocked by Google Chrome malware checker

'Malware ahead,' warned Google, but block has now been lifted

In an apparent mix-up Google Chrome blocked access to the photo-sharing platform TwitPic, telling users the site was 'very likely' to infect computers with malware

The popular third-party Twitter photo-sharing service, TwitPic, was temporarily trapped behind Google Chome's malware checker this weekend.

Users navigating to, or clicking on links within Twitter feeds were warned by the popular web browser that "The Website Ahead Contains Malware."

The message stated that "even though you may have visited this website safely in the past, visiting it now is very likely to infect your computer with malware."

TwitPic responded to the firewall, claiming that there was no malware issue and that it was attempting to contact Google in order to lift the block.

As of Sunday night the malware warning had been lifted and access to TwitPic had been fully restored.

Google has not yet commented on the situation, but it appears that it was probably a problem at Google's end rather than any fault of TwitPic.

Via: The Verge