TVs to become ‘communications hub’ expert claims

SmartTVs to see televisions move away from a purely entertainment based existence

With SmartTVs set to be another big draw at the upcoming CES 2012 convention experts tell T3 they are to become hubs of home communication

As consumers move past HD and 3D into the era of SmartTV television sets are to become ‘communication hubs’ as well as a means of entertainment, industry experts have told T3.

With SmartTVs still little more than a little used emerging technology with a limited supply of dedicated applications and services, industry insiders have predicted the emerging market will some become a prominent tech force within the home.

“The big screen is going to become less of a means of watching broadcasting and media absorption and used more in the same way as smartphones and tablets,” said GEAR4 CEO Tom Dudderidge in an exclusive interview with T3.

“The TV is set to become not only an entertainment hub but a communications hub, one with accessories and apps. It is to become a really important all-round device.”

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