Trendnet internet security camera feeds leaked to web

A ‘coding oversight’ leads to thousands of security feeds being made public

In an age where 'Big Brother' is as relevant as ever, incidents like these are clear proof that while technology has come far, the internet isn't Fort Knox

Trendnet has confirmed that a coding error has resulted in thousands of customers security camera feeds being made public.

The internet-based security cameras are set up to allow a homeowner to check on their home via the web when away from the property.

Whereas normally a login is required, a ‘coding error’ has meant that thousands of security feeds have been made public.

Talking to the BBC Zak Wood from the firm has revealed that they are already in the process of releasing firmware updates for the models affected.

"We anticipate to have all of the revised firmware available this week. We are scrambling to discover how the code was introduced and at this point it seems like a coding oversight."

While it is estimated that around 1000 homes have been affected in the UK it is believed that worldwide the number could be as high as 50,000.

Source: BBC News