Toys and games to dominate appcessories market

Emerging appcessories scene to be taken over by an influx of smartphone compatible toys

Appcessories specialist GEAR4 has spoken to T3 with the company's CEO Tom Dudderidge says toys and games are to forward the emerging market

Following the success of the Parrot AR Drone and other smartphone controlled flying vehicles industry experts have predicted the emerging appcessories scene is to be dominated by a fleet of handset compatible toys and games.

With the iPhone controlled Parrot AR Drone helping pioneer a fledgling industry whilst becoming a key Christmas seller last year a number of rival manufacturers have jumped into the appcessories market within the past 12 months with many targeting the entertainment based toys and games market.

“We think toys and games are going to be really interesting and key to the appcessories market in the future,” said Tom Dudderidge, CEO of GEAR4 accessories manufacturer and the company that own the ‘appcessories’ trademark.

Speaking exclusively with T3 Dudderidge went on to add: “We’re not going to turn into a toy company but we have developed some amazing technologies which will be licensed to dedicated toy manufacturers. This is all very secret and hush-hush at the moment but there will some very exciting appcessory based toys with consumers soon.”

Dudderidge did not limit the possibilities of the appcessories seen solely to toys and games however. “Including toys and games there are four main appcessory areas,” the GEAR4 CEO said. “Under one umbrella is home automating and entertainment controls then there is content creation and finally another umbrella for fitness and wellbeing products.”

Is the toys and games market where you see the appcessories market thriving or do you see smartphone and tablet linked products having a more practical use? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.