Toyota to reveal self-driving car at CES 2013

Introducing the Lexus AASRV

Toyota is planning to show off its first autonomous car at a press conference at CES 2013 later today

The company has announced it will be showing off the Lexus Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle (AASR) at CES in Las Vegas today at a press conference at 11am PST, or 7pm here in the UK.

So far, the only mention of the AASR has been a brief sneak peak in December when the company revealed the car has been designed to: "explore the use of autonomous technologies and high-level driver assistance systems."

Mark Templin, the Lexus group vice president and general manager will take to the stage this evening to formally reveal the car and discuss the research and development.

The brief video released by Toyota to accompany the announcement shows a Lexus LS sedan sporting a range of electrical and sensory equipment. The company has said Templin will touch on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructre technology during his keynote at CES.

Toyota isn't the only company getting behind driverless cars as Audi is also expected to roll out its own autonomous motor this week. According to the Wall Street Journal, the German company is planning to launch a car that can find a parking spot and park without any input from the driver.

Of course, Google has been doing this for a few years now, but whether the search giant is going to make any automotive announcements of its own remains to be seen.