Toyota I-Road electric three-wheeler unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

30-mile range and takes just three hours to recharge

Toyota has unveiled its next concept in urban driving with the I-Road, a leaning three-wheeler which can race through traffic for 30-miles and takes just 3 hours to charge

Toyota has unveiled the I-Road, a three-wheeled electric city vehicle which takes just three hours to charge, at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

The I-Road concept isn't a car, or a bike, instead Toyota calls it a Personal Mobility Vehicle, not to be mistaken for the four-wheeled variant we see on the pavements of Britain.

Using an electric motor the I-Road can travel for around 30-miles with Toyota aiming it at the millions of commuters who travel within the city and are looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol.

To help weave through the traffic the I-Road features a new technology called 'Active Lean' which balances the car over incredibly tight corners. The enclosed shell also makes it possible to include those home comforts including Bluetooth connectivity, sat-navs and audio.

Still in the concept stages Toyota hopes to turn this tech-savvy three-wheeler into a reality or at least use the technology in future vehicles.