Touchscreen iMacs on the horizon?

Apple reportedly testing large touch panels

It's just like a really big iPod Touch.

Intriguing rumblings from the rumour mill this morning: according to Taiwan-based website, Apple have just received a batch of capacitive touchscreens from producer Sintek Photronics. But rather than just a few inches accross, as used in the iPhone, these touchscreens are full-sized monitor displays.

This story fits well with Apple detectives Patently Apple's discovery of a design for something that looks an awful lot like an iMac with a stand that folds down to make the screen horizontal.

Apple will no doubt be keeping schtum about the reality of the touchscreen iMac until it's good and ready, but a multi-touch, folding screen would certainly be an improvement over current touchscreen desktops. When we'll see such machine and how the addition of a 20-something inch touchscreen will affect the already hefty £1000+ asking price for an iMac remains to be seen.