Touchscreen iMac: new rumours surface

Capacitive screen samples sent to Apple for testing

New touchscreen tech could make iMac even thinner.

Gossip about a touchscreen iMac refuses to die. Digitimes is reporting that touchscreen maker Sintek Photronics has sent samples of a new proddable panel to Cupertino, which will reportedly help make the killer all-in-one even slimmer.

Currently, capacitive touchscreens over 20-inches are expensive, hamper brightness and require the sensors to be be placed under glass. Word is that Sintek’s new effort has the sensors and glass integrated, meaning it could be use on the larger iMacs and provide better viewing angles, as well as making them thinner.

Previous patents have suggested Apple has got a touchscreen iMac in the works. However, chatter about such a machine has been rife for years, so don’t hold your breath.

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Via Digitimes