Toshiba ZL2 glasses free 3DTV available exclusively with John Lewis and Harrods

Available to order exclusively through John Lewis and Harrods

Toshiba has clearly taken the fight to the competitors with the unveiling of their ZL2; the world's largest glasses free 3DTV

Toshiba today announced the flagship of their TV range, the ZL2, a glasses free LED 3DTV will be exclusively available from John Lewis Oxford Street from 12 March 2012, and also from Harrods, via Dixons Retail, later on in the week

Coming in at 55 inches, the ZL2 is the largest of its class and with the QuadHD resolution tech built-in the ZL2's huge screen can be viewed in 3D by large groups at angles that had previously not been possible. In 2D this technology essentially means that if one were to display an image taken with a 8MP camera it would be shown at its true size with no degredation of quality.

The face-tracking software onboard means that once activated the ZL2 will work out where each person is sitting and then optimise the picture for each viewer making sure the 3D is perfectly aligned. If that wasn't enough it'll also upscale any SD or HD images to make sure they use every last bit of the QuadHD screen, finally add in Toshiba's new Smart TV software and you've got a 3D behemoth.

This of course, will not come cheap with the ZL2 coming in at an eye-wateringly premium £6,999 in the UK.

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