Toshiba unveil new ultra-portable R-Series laptops

Initial specs arrive on super-light Tosh laptops

Toshiba's latest super-light laptops float into view on the horizon.

Tearing ourselves away from MWC for a moment, we see that Toshiba have been working on more than just secretive premium tablets, in the form of their new ultra-portable R-Series laptops.

Made from magnesium alloy and hardened resin, respectively, the R830 and R850 weigh in at an approximate one-and-a-half kilos - which puts them comfortably in the featherweight category. That said, screen size remains reasonable, measuring 13.3 inches across on the R830 and 15.5 inches on the R850.

Under the hood, the R-Series laptops come in a range of specifications, the upper end seeing them loaded with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 500GB, 7200rpm hard drives, and as yet unspecified Intel processors. All this performance won't come cheap mind, and while there's no pricing available yet, we're going out on a limb and predict they will cost: £lots.

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