Toshiba Thrive Android tablet woes revealed

Sleep and reboot niggles hit latest Google slate

No official word yet from Toshiba about a fix for growing problem.

The spanking new Toshiba Thrive Android tablet appears to have come up against some major problems, just weeks after it went on sale. The web is alive with claims that the tab is having trouble coming out of sleep mode, with some users saying it also turns itself on.

Tosh’s own forum is chock full of complaints. Users appear to be experiencing varying degrees of the problem, with some saying that charging the tablet in airplane mode fixes the sleep issue. At the time of writing, 119 users had registered concerns.

One admin from Toshiba has been offering online support on the company’s forum, but as yet there is no official line from the company regarding the problems.

Have you got a Toshiba Thrive? Is it having trouble waking from sleep mode or simply turning itself on? Let us know now via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget