Toshiba SmartPad pictures leak

Spy-shots fuel speculation on Toshiba tablet

Is this the face of Toshiba's new tablet?

Tablet-mania continues unabashed as alleged details of Toshiba’s SmartPad have appeared online, fuelling speculation of an official unveiling at next week’s IFA.

The images, which first appeared on Notebook Italia, appear to show a slender-profiled, silver-trimmed unit with a memory card reader, HDMI and USB ports down the right side, and four touch-sensitive buttons with battery indicator on the front face. Eagle-eyed readers will also notice a webcam at the top, and speakers at each of the bottom corners.


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Sources “close to” its Taiwanese manufacturers have suggested the device will ship with a 10-inch screen, an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and an Android-powered operating system, while earlier rumours regarding a Windows 7 version remain unconfirmed. The SmartPad was announced in July and with rumours rife that Toshiba will be releasing an Android-powered tablet by the end of October, could the SmartPad be making its official debut next week? Stay tuned to and the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds to be the first to know.

Link: Notebook Italia