Toshiba R700 Portege: new lightweight laptop outed

Fully-specced micro machine incoming

New Tosh lappie billed as 'Europe's thinnest and lightest laptop'.

Toshiba has just officially pulled the wrappers off its sleek new Portege R700 laptop. The new top end effort is being called ‘Europe’s thinnest and lightest laptop’, and comes fully loaded with the kind of specs you’d normally find in a machine twice the size.

There’s the option to load the Portege R700 with any of Intel’s Core i3, i5 or i7 processors, with RAM up to a plentiful 4GB. The hard drive stretches to 320GB, but you can plump for a 128GB SSD version if you’re feeling flush and fancy.

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The Portege R700 tips the scales at just 1.3kg, which includes an optical drive, a feature Tosh is keen to play up as it continues to battle Apple’s MacBook Air and it’s single-USB ‘charms’. What’s more, you get three USB ports here, with a multitouch trackpad, HDMI support, fingerprint sensor and even 3G.

The screen clocks in at 13.3-inches, with 1366 x 768 pixels, meaning movies and TV shows should look peachy when you’re watching them on the move. Tosh is also releasing a similarly specced Satellite R630 machine, which drops the fingerprint sensor and HDMI skills of its fancier sibling.

The Portege R700 is landing next month, with the Satellite R630 following in August. Toshiba’s keeping quiet on pricing, but expect both to give your wallet a pasting when they do eventually drop.