Toshiba Places: Internet TV service officially launches

Toshiba introduces cloud-based content sharing portal

Download movies from a TV or laptop, play games or watch iPlayer

First seen at IFA last year Toshiba has fully introduced Toshiba Places, it’s integrated IPTV solution. As well as offering the usual catch-up selection like iPlayer, it’s an open platform service that lets you share video and music between Toshiba TVs, as well tablets, smartphones and computers, crucially this includes non-Toshiba devices - via the cloud.

Toshiba Places is split into eight sections or ‘Places’, which work across different types of device including laptops and TVs, each with its own content providers, but sharing the same slick interface.

Video Places lets you access PPV movie services, including Box Office 365 and Cartoon Network to computers and TVs. Because data is held in the cloud and Toshiba Places is accessed using the same password via multiple devices, you can start watching a movie you’ve got from Box Office 365 on your laptop, then when you return home you can log in to Toshiba places to continue to watch it on you TV.

Download and stream music using Music Places to a PC via 7Digital or listen to web radio ComFM on a TV. Social Places also works across PCs and TVs, enabling users to share photos and videos using Flickr and Daily Motion. News Place and TV Place let you access news services, along with catch-up services like BBC iPlayer via your TV.

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Game Place is available via PC. Powered by Wildtangent it lets you download or play games online. App Place is for downloading apps and games to a PC, while Services Place is for accessing Toshiba support information. Toshiba Places will be available in all REGZA UL, SL, VL, WL and YL series TVs, the first of which is due for release in May.