Toshiba Libretto W100: dual touchscreen laptop official

Twin multi-touch panels make this a world first

Tablet effort looks an absolute stunner close up.

Toshiba’s hard at it this morning, with a slew of announcements about killer new computers. But undoubtedly the most exciting one is about the Libretto W100. The world’s first dual screen Windows 7 laptop, it serves up Microsoft’s OS with a look that’s bound to get gadget fanatics salivating.

Rocking a pair of multitouch screens, the Libretto W100 can be used as a standard laptop, with the main screen acting as a monitor, while the lower ones rocks a virtual keyboard. Each panel is seven inches, making this like an old school netbook, but on steroids.

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The screens can also be used to boot two applications at once, letting you browse the web on one, while tickling docs in another. It also packs an accelerometer, making this a potential winner as an e-reader.

What’s going on inside is pretty impressive too, with a 2GB Pentium processor, Windows 7 Home Premium, 62GB SSD, Toshiba’s LifeSpace software for controlling dual screen apps and a battery that runs to 3.5 hours.

The Libretto W100 is due to roll up ‘late summer’ which sounds worryingly vague. But having already had a quick play, we can safely say this is one awesome iPad alternative.